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Felice Pomeranz

Jazz theory and improvisation

Felice Pomeranz is professor of harp at the iconic Berklee College of Music and author of Berklee Harp: Reading, Improvisation, & Arranging for Pedal & Lever Harpists.

“Everyone has something valuable and unique to offer. I sincerely hope you will enjoy exploring improvised music and have fun and joy in the process.”

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Jazz Repertoire with Felice Pomeranz

In this course Felice Pomeranz teaches how to play and improvise traditional jazz tunes.

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Music Theory and Improvisation with Felice Pomeranz

In this course Felice Pomeranz teaches music theory for jazz improvisation. Learn how to build jazz chords and scales, basic chord progressions and voice leading, and skills for improvising and playing in a swing style.

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About Felice Pomeranz

Felice Pomeranz is professor of harp at Berklee College of Music. She began the harp program in the String Department in 2002. She has advanced degrees from New England Conservatory in both classical and jazz harp. She is the first and, currently, the only harpist to receive a master’s degree in jazz studies at NEC.

Felice has been a clinician and performer at festivals throughout the US, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean. Her classical and popular arrangements are available through harp outlets, and on her website, as are her recordings Tomorrow’s DreamFelicidade, her instructional DVD Jazzy Beginnings, and the CD/workbook Harp in the Band, Vol.1.

Felice owns and directs the popular harp referral network, the Gilded Harps, organizing events throughout New England and beyond. She has been very active in the American Harp Society, serving many roles, including chairman of the Board of Directors. Her American Harp Society Foundation Award, Kids for Camp, provides a summer camp experience for young, underprivileged harpists.

For more information about Felice and her music, visit her website at