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Welcome to Angelica Hairston’s Classroom

Angelica Hairston is Artistic Director of the Urban Youth Harp Ensemble in Atlanta, and she joins the HCA team to show you basic theory skills just for harpists starting from the beginning. Look for more lessons on time signatures, key signatures, the circle of fifths, and much more.

Theory Skills for Harpists

The staff and note values

The Staff

Learn the lines and spaces on the treble and bass clef staves.

Time signatures and counting

Key Signatures

Ledger lines, intervals, and scales

Ledger Lines

Learn to identify ledger lines above and below the staff.

Triads and inversions

Major Triads—Part 1

Learn how to build a root position major triad plus first and second inversions in the key of C Major.

Major Triads—Part 2

Practice playing major triads and their inversions around the circle of fifths. (You'll need to know major key signatures to enjoy this lesson.)

Minor Triads

Learn how to build minor triads and identify the sound between major and minor.


Learn how to build major and minor triads using intervals.

Types of Triads

Go beyond major and minor to build diminished and augmented triads, the building blocks for 7th chords.


Learn how to build inversions from a root position triad.