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Chilali Hugo
Chilali HugoFaculty, Utah State University

Mindful Mondays

Ever feel like you’re on autopilot when practicing? Finish a passage and can’t remember what you just played? Looking for ideas to make the new material stick from one practice session to the next and into the performance? Chilali will be online Mondays to talk about how we can be more aware of our thoughts and actions from moment to moment to get the most out of our practicing and performing.

“Early on in college I stumbled into teaching and quickly discovered that the more I taught the better I got. I love the exchange of ideas that happens between the student and teacher and look forward to learning as much from my students as I hope they learn from me.”

More about Chilali

With degrees from the University of Michigan and the Royal Academy of Music, London, certified music practitioner Chilali Hugo is now heads the harp program at Utah State University. Her teachers include Lynne Aspnes and Skaila Kanga.

Yiyun Loei
Yiyun LoeiNational Theater Orchestra, Brno, CZ


Yiyun is online Tuesdays to answer your general harp questions.

“The harp is such a magnificent instrument through which the emotive language of music can be expressed. Through my teaching, I hope not only to inspire a passion for the harp, but also to foster a love for music.”

More about Yiyun

As a former teaching assistant to Susann McDonald at the University of Indiana, Australian native Yiyun Loei now performs with the National Theater in Brno, Czech Republic, as well as throughout Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

Haley Rhodeside
Haley RhodesideAnnapolis Symphony Orchestra


Haley is online Wednesdays to answer your general harp questions.

“The harp is a wonderful instrument, full of endless possibilities to create and enjoy music. I love teaching because I get to help others discover the beauty of the harp, and continue to learn and grow as a musician myself.”

More about Haley

Currently Principal Harp with the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, Haley holds degrees in harp from Yale University and Indiana University, and performs throughout the U.S.

Angelica Hairston
Angelica HairstonTeaching Artist, Urban Youth Harp Ensemble

Theory Thursday

Check out Angelica’s tips for how you can strengthen note reading, rhythm recognition, and more theory skills away from the harp. She’ll be online Thursdays to answer your theory questions.

“I’d love to see a music world where classical musicians and audiences reflect the diversity that we see in local communities. I am now a Teaching Artist with the Urban Youth Harp Ensemble, where I work with over 80 students in group harp lessons in the inner-city of Atlanta. I’m excited that Harp Column Academy provides access to world-class instruction for harpists from all walks of life!”

More about Angelica

With a Harp Performance Diploma from The Glenn Gould School of The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto as a student of Judy Loman, Atlanta native Angelica Hairston recently returned to her hometown to lead the Urban Youth Harp Ensemble program.

Steve Moss
Steve MossFounder, Moss Harp Service

Fix it Friday

Fix it Friday takes on a new twist with harp technician Steve Moss on board! Do you have a question about harp maintenance or care? Just ask Steve!

“It is a privilege to work with harps and harpists, and to be a part of the most vibrant and supportive community I know. I love helping harpists better understand and care for their instruments. I’m happy to be a resource for you as you continue your musical journey with the harp.”

More about Steve

Steve Moss has been regulating and repairing harps for over 20 years. He is the founder of Moss Harp Service, and producer of the DVD “Harp Care with Steve Moss.”